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Bottled Water Slogans & Mineral Water Taglines

Bottled Water Slogans

Niagara purified drinking water – Taste the pure difference!

Virgen mineral water – Virgen. Feel the spirit of water.

Cedar Springs bottled water – This bottle will change your life.

Calypso mineral water ice cubes – Chill out with Calypso Ice!

Esker natural spring water – Esker. Water like no other.

Lanark Pure water – Lanark Pure. Life’s perfect drink.

American Summits – Natural purity from America’s peaks

Watsons distilled water – Watsons. Purity assurance.

Lithia mineral water – Lithia. America’s healthiest water.

Gize – Gize. More than water.

Crystal Canadian spring water – The great Canadian outdoors, in bottles

Arbor Springs Water Company – It’s all in good taste

Aqua Pura – Be the best you can be

Perrier – Perrier. The ultimate refreshment

Vittel – Vittel. There must be something in this water.

Aquamantra natural spring water – Stimulate your soul

English Mountain spring water – Engineered by nature, bottled with perfection

Ferrarelle – The official water of La Dolce Vita.

Vichy Celestins mineral water – Naturally healthy

Mondariz mineral water – For a second drink better ask for Mondaris

Amidis – Pure water natural life

Bisleri – The sweet taste of purity.

Badoit – The lighter bubble.

Himalayan – Live natural

Dew Drop drinking water – Dew Drop. Water you like.

Bailley – Purity you can trust.

Spa – The purest mineral water there is

Kinley – Trust in every drop

Sufi – Finest drinking water

Zephyrhills – Pure water from a pure place

Wilkins – The most trusted water brand

Poland Spring water – What it means to be from Maine

Liquid Salvation – Pure water for an impure world

Ozarka natural spring water – Straight from nature to you

Oxygenizer – The new way of breathing

Polar – Pureness your body deserves

Bling – More than a pretty taste.

Absolute – Love is pure. Love is Absolute.

Nestle Aquarel – Share life. Share Nestle Aquarel.

Mountain Valley spring water – Refreshingly American

Arrowhead mountain spring water – It’s better up here!

Uliveto – Helps digestion

Nestle Pure Life purified water – The water for active people

Malvern mineral water – Malvern. Not quite middle England.

Clear Mountain spring water – Pure water. And nothing but.

Willow – Beautiful spring water from the English Lake District

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