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List of slogans of NGOs

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Improving life, one breath at a time.

Change we need.

Telling stories that make a difference.

All building starts with a foundation.

Our assistance dogs fetch amazing things.

Help is a four-legged word.

Stand up for a child.

Your guide to intelligent giving.

Where good books are brewing.

Holding power accountable.

Instruments of mass percussion.

Because the earth needs a good lawyer.

The art of active aging.

Healing a hurting world.

Extinct is forever.

Live the life you want.

Nothing stops a bullet like a job.

Filling pantries. Filling lives.

Helping preserve the places you cherish.

Big sky. Big land. Big history.

Take a bite out of crime.

You could learn a lot from a dummy. Buckle up!

Send a net. Save a life.

Where actors find their space.

This is your brain. This is your brain on drugs.

Finding a cure now…so our daughters won’t have to.

The greatest tradegy is indifference.

Different faiths, common action.

Finding good homes for great dogs.

A head for business. A heart for the world.

Building community deep in the hearts of Texans.

If you want to be remembered, do something memorable.

Make the most of your giving.

Open hearts. Open minds. Open doors.

A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

Be all that you can be.

I want YOU for the US Army.

Some of our best men are women.

Friends don’t let friends drive drunk.

Give a hoot, don’t pollute.

Only you can prevent forest fires.

The few, the proud, the Marines.

We’re looking for a few good men.

It’s not a job. It’s an adventure.

The toughest job you’ll ever love.

Whatever it takes to save a child.

Our vision does not require sight.

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