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Shoes advertising slogans

Ecco Shoes
Ecco Shoes slogan

Shoes designed to move you.

Ecco. Shoes for life.

Clarks Shoes England
Clarks Shoes slogan

Clarks. Shoes designed for living.

Be your own label (UK campaign)

For all the places you'll go.

Clarks. Shoes to live in.

Timberland boots
Timberland slogan

Make it better.

Timberland. Don't Wear It. Use It.

Cardinale shoes brand

Advertising slogan:Cardinale. Give value to you feet.

Zivas Footwear USA

Slogan:Zivas. The finest Footwear for the Active lifestyle...

Riccardo Cartillone female shoes

Advertising slogan:Riccardo Cartillone. Highest Heels.

Bostonian Shoes

Marketing slogan:Bostonian. Look Again.

Finn Comfort shoes  Germany

Slogan:Finn Comfort. The Finest Walking Shoes On Earth.

Allen-Edmonds brand dress and casual shoes for men

Ad slogan:Allen-Edmonds. For All Walks of Life.

Arche french shoes for women

Advertising slogan:Arche. Color dream shoes.

Bobux Baby Shoes

Ad slogan:Bobux. The Baby shoes that Stay On!

Startrite childrens shoes

Motto:Startrite. Worn by the world's most precious feet.

Taryn Rose brand

Motto:Taryn Rose. Luxury intelligence technology.

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